Thursday, September 16, 2010

Christmas is coming!

Looking for something creative to send out this coming Christmas season? Want to have a card that sticks out from the rest? Want something way more personal and full of your family personality than just a plain old "Merry Christmas" card???? Check these out!
Russ Does an amazing job (I received some cards from families last year who used Russ' designs and they are still displayed on my fridge because they are so unique and fun). Many of you have set up your fall sessions with me in October and this would be a great way to use those photos :)

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Everyday Thoughts said...

SOOO crazy....I was connected to your blog from "Bring the Rain" which I have been reading for quite some time now and I hopped over to your blog to see Russ and Katie.....GREAT friends of some of our friends and we saw them a few weeks ago while visiting our friends in St. Louis, MO (we are from the west side of Michigan). How do you know Russ, Katie and little Elliot??? :) God bless!