Monday, October 18, 2010

Groupon Photo book deal!

You just cannot pass up this groupon deal today!!!! I had to share it with you because I know personally I get overwhelmed with the prices of photo books but this is amazing!
For $35 you get $100 worth of merchandise from Picaboo....books, cards and Calendars...they let you put it towards shipping and tax as well as spread it out over different orders which is very rare!
click on this link to get your deal!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Ok I had the priviledge of photographing TWO very very special families today. They are two families who go to my church and work in the youth group. One you will hear about very soon (sorry Swinfords there are SO many photos to go through and I want to see all the options before I put up your preview), the other family is the one you will see below.
They have been and are such an encouragment in my life, they have set an example in numerous ways, they live a life of servant hood like nothing I have ever seen, and they are the most real, authentic people to be around.....
I am constantly learning and being challenged just by watching them live their lives. You see, Aaron is the youth pastor at our church and his gorgeous wife Caroline is also one of the leaders for the youth....these people don't just lead youth on Wednesday night though...they literally LIVE youth ministry...and they're good at it. It has been awesome getting to work with them and I was so excited when they asked if I could grab a couple (or lots) of photos of them. Plus they were super easy and took no directing and if you know me that is my ideal photo session :)
Ok, without further ado: The adorable Nebrija Fam

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sweet Fall Strawberry

Oh my sweet girl is getting so grown up!!!! It's so weird to see her sitting up, crawling, standing...where does the time go. Anyway we had a fun little evening of taking some first Halloween pictures and some fun fall pictures.

Is she not just the most adorable thing ever? I mean, a chunky little strawberry? too much

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Start scheduling your family photos now! It may be 80 degrees here right now but, don't be deceived, Christmas will be here before you know it.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beginnings of Fall

Sorry it took so long to get these goodness life is passing me by like a tornado and I just can't seem to keep up. Anyway, I put lots up so you had more to enjoy while you wait for your CD in the mail. This was such a fun family to work with....I mean easiest kids ever...I never had to give any direction I pretty much just followed them with my camera, which is what I love to do :)