Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Munchkin

My little bit. I have the honor of being this little munchkin's nanny. We finally got around to taking her one year photos and my goodness what a fun model she was.   Despite teething and the humidity that made it hard to breathe....she was full of smiles and faces. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Guatemala Update

Ok you all, I thought since you helped support us so much and made this trip possible I would give you little visual into the experience so far. It is so good to be back in the country that I love so much and I have a ton to share about the growing vision this trip is creating but for now I will just leave you with some pictures....keep you in suspense.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Auction winner

Thank you all for your support. have a $100 photo session if you want it :) If it's easier you can go ahead and put the $100 in the paypal account and let me know when you want to schedule your session. Thank you soo much.
This has been a hug blessing and I can't wait to get back and share the growing vision that we have and share the stories from our week in Guatemala.
pray for safe travels and lots of open doors while we are there.
Much love,

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mission trip photo auction

*EDIT* WOW, I just saw Angie's blog post and so it is with a very humble and grateful heart.....and with tears in my eyes...that I am extending this photo auction one more will end on Saturday (29th) at 11pm and the two highest bidders will receive a photo shoot. I'll inform those two winners at 11 and the easiest way to send the money would be to put it in the paypal account set up in this post...then we will email about scheduling your session. Thank you all for your support.

*EDIT* we're extending the auction date through Tuesday at midnight. just FYI

SO here is the deal.....two dear friends and I are heading to Guatemala Feb 3rd- 10th and to be completely honest...we are VERY short as far as funding goes. Alex and I have raised enough to buy our plane tickets but still need about $300 each to cover the cost of transportation, food and board. Now my sweet friend Brittani has decided to take a HUGE leap of faith and decided YESTERDAY to join us. That means that she has to rush her passport, buy a plane ticket AND come up with the extra cost of traveling. Pretty much she needs $1400.....ready for the total of what our teams needs to come up with in the next few days?


Now to me, that number makes me want to throw-up and maybe pass out at the same time....but I know that if God wants us to go on this trip, it is just a itty bitty detail to Him.

The reason I am posting this is because I am going to spend today and tomorrow Auctioning off TWO photo sessions. I will end it tomorrow night at midnight (Sunday 12 am).
We're going to do this real simple.....all you have to do is leave a comment with the amount you are bidding...keep coming back to check on your bid and make sure you don't get out bid.
The two winners can then Schedule the photo session with me Anytime within the next year.
So you help out a great cause AND you get lifelong pictures and memories of your family-or you could get it as a gift for someone else.
If you don't want a photo session or want to just donate a small can do so at either of these sites and it will go right towards our costs:
or you can donate here:

I wrote out the details of our trip below and if you want to know more you can email me at:

This trip is not exactly your typical, go build houses type of mission trip. It's a vision trip of sorts, a time to sit and hear stories, see what other missionaries are doing to bring change to the hurting, learn how we can help fill needs, and then bring awareness back home to those who are not able to hop on a plane and go to Guatemala.
We will be doing a number of things including:

Visiting a Women's Shelter in Guatemala City...documenting their stories through video and photography, learning about how they have created a business making beautiful jewelry to help support themselves and their families as they step back out on their own. Through this I (Kelsey) will also be teaming with them and bringing back this gorgeous, coffee bean jewelry to sell here in the states to bring more awareness to their program (more on that later).

Traveling to Chichicastenango, Guatemala to visit an organization called Pray America and hear the stories of what these missionaries are doing to change the lives of Widows. They build houses for widows and their families and are truly living out the verse James 1:27.

Volunteering/visiting an extreme special needs hospital/orphanage in Antigua Guatemala, called Hermano Pedro. I have spent a lot of time here and it is a place that will forever remain burned into my heart.

We also will be going back to visit the orphanage that I used to live and work at near Guatemala City called Casa Bernabe. I LOVE this place and they are changing so many lives by offering a family style home to over 100 children.

These are just a few of the things we will be doing...there will be a lot of work involved, lots of listening to stories, lost of learning about the Guatemalan culture and becoming aware of the social injustices, poverty, pain, and also beauty that is wrapped up in this country.
Any help we can get would be so appreciated. We believe God has opened the door for us to go and we are trusting that all the logistics will be worked out before we step on that plane.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Remember this little peanut? So so tiny......She is getting so grown up now! Has two teeth and babbling like no one's business...she brings so much joy into my days