Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sweet baby S

This sweet girl is about to turn one year old!!! I had the pleasure of taking her five month pictures and it's always fun to see how much my clients have grown and changed. She is such a joy to take pictures of and I never get the same expression from her twice.

Can we say future ballerina?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Needing to make some changes? feedback?

I knew this day would come and it's my own fault. I'm a people pleaser (didn't used to be but somehow over the years have turned into one). Because I am a people pleaser I, well, I hate letting people down and disapointing them. Sometimes I promise to get things done faster than I really can. That's gotta stop. So let me just give you a picture of what a typical day in my life looks like.
Photography is my "side" job/hobby. It brings me some extra money while allowing me to do something I love and offer families a great deal on getting photos done. BUT, because it's my side job it doesn't leave me a ton of time to do it. AND I don't do the thing where I edit and narrow down and then you come and pick out ten or less and then I go edit some more and then get you the cd.....I REALLY don't have time for that. Instead what I do is get rid of all those "eyes closed, funny face, double chin" pics for you and then nicely edit the rest, throw them on a CD and you get it print however you want.
Problem with takes HOURS to edit all those photos. Then times that by about 5 shoots to work on at the same time....more HOURS.
SO...typical day for me...
Wake up and frantically take care of a puppy and try to give hims some attention while getting ready for work. Leave by 8:30.
Be at work by about 9 (30-40 minutes away), work till anywhere from 5-7 pm. Drive home (30 min drive remember)...rush both puppies outside..give them a quick pet on the head...grab some sort of food and get in the car to go babysit....usually not getting home to 11 or 11:30 (sometimes later). Which leaves me after 11:30 to work on photos. This is most of the days during the week. Now the weekend also usually consists of getting up Saturday morning to go babysit (after having babysat all friday night) maybe have some time to go for a run with the pups in the afternoon and then head off to more babysitting at night.
Now every once in awhile I get a Saturday today which was incredible.
But when you start calculating hours's not humanly possible to get 5 sessions of photos all done in just a few short weeks.

SO here is what I need feedback on......
I would like to hear from you guys. I love love love doing everyone's pictures. Love it. BUT if it's just taking too long to get photos back I would be willing to start doing the whole ten pictures to a CD thing. It would mean me narrowing it down BIG TIME, then posting them (either here or on facebook since I don't have an official website) then you would have till a certain date to pick your ten. As soon as you do a simple CD will be made and sent.
would you like to continue getting a full CD (which I have no problem with) and having to wait a bit longer?
I'm not in anyway trying to upset anyone, attack anyone, or anything of the sort...I am acknowledging that it is a problem of mine and am offering some solutions...but I do not want to just change things without first getting some feedback. I started this in the first place to offer families an affordable way to get family photos, both posed and real life pictures without limiting your choices or charging for prints. Photography is my passion and I just want to be the best I can be for what I am doing so any advice would be great.
Thank you all for always supporting me and I just love getting to watch your kids grow up in front of my lens.
Love you all
(please just leave your suggestions/comments in the comments section....unless its gonna be nasty...then you can email that straight to me ;) )