Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bid on my photo session

Ok if you are looking for a photo session (after Thanksgiving in Nashville or Huntsville area or the week of Thanksgiving in Colorado) please go bid on my session on this blog: it means you get a photo session with me but the money goes towards bringing home the Nikolas' sweet baby. The auction is going on until Saturday so pass the word around.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Newest edition...

I totally forgot to put these up is your lil punkin

Welcome Lily Anne.....
Can you believe that gorgeous hair and sweet face? I just want to eat it up

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Double the fun

Ok due to not having much space left on my blog ( I am in serious need of some updating and re-organizing) and also due to the fact that I had two family sessions with TONS of fun pics I just clumped everything into collages so you could see more pictures. Enjoy Schroder and Fields fams!

These sweet girls change so much everytime I get to do their pics and now they have a sweet new baby sister....(newborn pics will be posted soon)
Rosa turned TWO!
what a sweet big sister

She is now a big sister to two

This family was so much fun and their family pics may be in my new updated advertising....
This is how much I wear your kids out during a shoot.......jk they were an exception
LOVE this and I promise I did not even tell him to hold the football like that
Their newest edition

These are some of my top fav family pictures

gotta love fall

pretty sure it is impossible to get a bad picture of this gorgeous girl

and how cute is he?!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The things we do...

So I have had the priviledge of tagging along with this incredible photographer Amelia ( and after helping her with her holiday mini sessions last week and then the Promiseland school pictures this morning I started wondering if people truly understand what photographers do to get the pictures and images that you see and go awww that is so sweet.....Really what is happening is someone is jumping up and down yelling and clapping their hands, throwing something at the kid, explaining that "Blue Dog" needs to take a nap now and can't be in the picture or my new favorite..bribing with tic tacs. One of Amelia's clients had brought tic tacs for her kids and we found it to be the best bribing tactic (notice that tictac is tactic switched around). It is not huge and messy like a sucker and it doesn't make the kids cheeks look like a chipmonk chewing a huge wad of candy.
I came across these as I was editing and I normally don't include these but they just needed to be shown......
Sometimes my best assistant is a tiny little Dora...

And sometimes Elmo decides to stop by and help me out a little bit....
and sometimes you just have to resort to whatever you happen to have stuck in your camera case....

Fields and Schroders I am SOOO close to having your preview up!!!!!!